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Comments from pastors after the preaching of "God's Economy"

"We have been blessed by the revelation that the Lord has given to Bruno Caamaño with regard to God's economy. In our congregation we have seen the young people motivated to be faithful in their tithes and offerings. Tithes also went up after the seminar, and there are testimonies of financial victory among people of all ages."
Rev. Anibal Muñoz Leon,
"Evangelical Pentecostal Church of Rimac",
Lima, Peru.

"The visit of Bruno Caamaño to our church had a tremendous impact. More than 80 percent of the members in both services responded to the call. We heard testimonies of blessing on those who are obedient to this Biblical counsel. It is evident that God has raised up Bruno to challenge Hispanic people to be rich toward God."
Pastor Eduardo Cañas Estrada,
"Spring of Eternal Life Christian Community",
Bogota, Colombia.

"God's economy is exactly what Hispanic people need to be faithful in their tithes and offerings so they can enjoy the promises of God. When Bruno Caamaño preached on God's economy in our church, it came as a confirmation for all the members, and they responded positively to the exhortation to be rich toward God, by sowing in good ground."
Rev. Daniel de Leon,
"Calvary Temple",
Santa Ana, California, U.S.A.

"When Bruno Caamaño preached on God's economy in our church, it was a great blessing. It motivated us to buy a late model van to help God's people. We've also heard testimonies of some who have started to tithe on their gross eamings and God has prospered them greatly. What pleases me most about the ministry is that it does not simply emphasize prosperity, it is a balanced teaching from the Word of God."
Pastors Aldo and Liliana Suarez,
"Rosemead Christian Center",
Rosemead, California, U.SA.

"The seminar on God's economy by Bruno Caamaño had a great impact on our church. God used the Biblical teaching powerfully to produce conviction in our people. As a result, the tithes and offerings have increased more than 100 percent. Without a doubt, God has revealed the truths of His economy to Bruno."
Pastor Victor Martinez,
"Victory in Christ Baptist Church",
Kendall, Florida.

"The ministry of God's economy by Bruno Caamaño was a great blessing to our church. Nearly all the congregation of more than fifteen hundred responded to the call to participate in God's economy."
Pastor Marco A. Aguirre,
"Gate of Heaven Church",
El Paso, Texas, U.S.A.

"I am thankful to God to know that Bruno Caamaño's ministry on God's economy is blessing many congregations. In our church we continue to hear testimonies of victory in the finances of many of the members."
Pastor Jose Luis Soto,
"Maranatha Evangelistic Center",
South Gate, California, U.S.A.

"Bruno Caamaño has inspired many with his teaching on God's economy over radio and television. In our Kingdom Broadcasting Network. Bruno's biblical teaching on God's economy has penetrated the souls of the television viewers, making it the program with the highest viewer response on Hispanic Christian television. The Lord is using Bruno in the neediest segments of the evangelical public."
Alfredo Marco Fulchignoni,
President and Founder,
"Kingdom Broadcasting Network TV. Ministries".

"God's Economy",
P.O. Box 13085. Newport Beach, CA 92658.
4003 Acacia St., Bell, CA. 90201.
Tel: (213) 627-8711

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