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I was in prayer,  thanking God for all the spiritual, physical and financial blessings, when He told me: “The reason for all these blessings is because you have entered into the God's Economy. Write these seven topics and teach them to My people…”

  1. “What Exactly is God's Economy?”
  2. “How to Enter into God's Economy.
  3. “How to Invest in God's Economy.
  4. “How to Stay in God's Economy.
  5. “How to Protect God's Economy in our life”
  6. “The Danger of Not Entering into God's Economy”
  7. “How to Rest Easy & Enjoy God's Economy

All who enter into God's Economy, obeying the Biblical principles and being faithful to God in the tithes and offerings, will be used powerfully by the Lord and will be a blessing to all the nations of the world, taking the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all creatures...


"God's Economy",

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